Taxation Law

Disputes with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) can cost you everything.

The view of the ATO is that you are guilty until you can prove yourself innocent; even if you successfully challenge an ATO determination, it can often be too late!

If you get into a dispute with the ATO following an audit, their powers are extra-ordinary:

  • they can issue you with a tax bill and commence legal action to collect it, even if they are wrong.
  • they may even refer you to the Australian Federal Police for prosecution for fraud for something as simple as under-reporting your income.

Emmanuel Lawyers specialises in tax litigation, that is, fighting the ATO. We are not accountants but tax lawyers who also act with many large accounting groups. We specialise in interpreting and explaining taxation legislation, which is amongst the most complex law in Australia. We also assist clients and accountants with tax planning and reducing the likelihood of future disputes with the ATO.

Our dealings with the ATO includes: –

  • private rulings;
  • negotiations;
  • objections and appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and the Federal Court.


With Emmanuel Lawyers, you are in safe and experienced hands.

Why choose us?

You will not be treated like a file number, but as a real person, and a person going through a difficult and stressful experience. Get expert advice, not just what you want to hear, in a language you can understand, not “Legal-speak”!

Remember, whilst it is YOUR CASE, and YOUR RIGHTS, it is OUR FIGHT!

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