Jacob Kim

Young Gyu (“Jacob”) Kim holds a Juris Doctor from Bond University as well as a Master of Law from University of Queensland.

He was admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2010 and has also been admitted as a Solicitor of the High Court of Australia since 2010.

Jacob is fluent in both the English and Korean languages.

Jacob established Emmanuel Lawyers in 2012, currently being the Director of the practice.

Jacob is highly regarded within the Korean community and has taken on active leadership roles within the community.

Over the years, Jacob has noted that prior to consulting him, the vast majority of his clients have only had limited exposure to the law previously and that most were confused by the complexities of the law in Australia.

This has not helped by most other solicitors failing to take into account the particular needs of many Asian clients, their circumstances and their cultural backgrounds, leaving them in a state of confusion and apprehension.

Jacob has based his practice on not doing this!

Jacob’s goal in establishing Emmanuel Lawyers has been to remedy this by providing the highest possible quality of legal services that his clients deserve, at a reasonable price that they can afford!

Jacob is sensitive to the needs of all of his clients and attempts to place them at ease as much as possible, at the same time as removing the mystique surrounding their legal matters in discussing their matters with them, in providing his legal advice and in discussing the relevant procedures involved in plain language

Throughout his career, Jacob has provided extensive legal serves and assistance to not only the Australian and Asian communities (including the Korean and Chinese communities) in Queensland, but also in New South Wales and Victoria, placing particular emphasis on:

  • Commercial disputes and litigation;
  • Commercial law;
  • Family law;
  • Immigration law;
  • Employment law;
  • Taxation law;
  • Criminal law;
  • Traffic law;
  • Property law (conveyancing); and
  • Wills and estate law.

Whilst Jacob is extremely professional in the manner in which he handles his files and meticulous in their preparation for his clients, he also takes a common-sense approach to legal matters in respect of which his advice is sought.

Jacob is acutely aware of the costs associated with legal matters, and attempts to minimise them where possible; he is aware that most of his clients are ordinary people who are generally apprehensive about becoming involved with the law. To this extent, Jacob attempts to negotiate settlements where possible, with a view to also achieving a prompt resolution, but at the same time keeping his clients’ interests as his number one priority.

Jacob has successfully achieved his goals by being recognised for his integrity, honesty and diligence as a Solicitor, forming the basis of a highly regarded reputation as amongst his fellow legal practitioners.

Jacob is married (with his wife also being fluent in English, Korean and Japanese) with three school-aged children.

Jacob is a firm believer of the mantra of Emmanuel Lawyers – “Your Case, Your Rights, OUR Fight!”

Memberships & Accreditations

  • Queensland Law Society Member