Emmanuel Lawyers is a general practice legal firm that has been delivering solutions since 2012. We are a firm committed to providing service excellence, expertise, professionalism and value to our clients; We are here for the long term.

We pride ourselves on our understanding of clients’ requirements and circumstances. Our positioning, size and experience permits us the ability to think and act like a larger firm whilst also offering the personalised service associated with smaller firms.

Our experienced team will listen to you and assist you, whether you require assistance with an injury, advice with respect to migration, tax advice, commercial advice for your business, are involved in property development, are owed money, have a family, traffic or criminal matter.

We will discuss your legal needs and offer immediate, effective advice.

We aim to minimise conflict and antagonism in what can sometimes be a difficult process.

We will take a detailed history of your matter, identify the applicable principles of law, and provide advice as to the likely range of outcomes, and the best strategies to adopt to achieve your desired outcome within the identified range. Our approach is to give you a range of options and tailor our services to your individual needs, rather than being a one size fits all approach.

We work closely with a range of professional advisors including barristers, accountants, valuers, financial planners, counsellors, psychologists and social workers, to make sure the best possible result is achieved.

Remember, whilst it is YOUR CASE, and YOUR RIGHTS, it is OUR FIGHT!